About Us

RFNA was founded in 2013 with the purpose to raise awareness about the health impact of industrial foods and their ingredients, and reduce health disparities by improving nutritious foods accessibility in underserved communities of New Jersey.

Our Story

While watching his grandson consume a bright orange, crunchy snack food and seeing the orange stain it left behind on his finger Stanley Rak had an idea. Why not create a system that details exactly what’s in the processed foods we are consuming? Stanley had spent over a decade providing free food education to the public through All My FoodFacts application and FoodFacts.com website. Although Stanley reached more than a thousand persons with information regarding the foods that we consume daily, FoodFacts was not enough to reduce problems related to food; the public’s nutritional needs increased exponentially as well as the prevalence of chronic diseases. Thus, in 2013 Stanley founded The Rak Foundation for Nutritional Awareness to empower families living in underserved communities in  New Jersey.